Devil's Toolbox originally started out as my portfolio site. The name was based on a quote I read somewhere that said "graphic design is straight out of the Devil's Toolbox." I don't remember who said it, the words just stuck with me. I soon found myself doing more and more freelance jobs so I decided to run under that company ID. 
My name is Jen McCargar-Charles and I have been doing graphic design professionally for about 20 years. I am a graduate of Pacific College of Art and Design where I studied graphic design and illustration. For the past 16 years my day job has been with Dex Media (just one of many names the company has had over the years) where I have done ad layout, logo and web design among other things. Sadly after 16 years my position with Dex Media has been eliminated. I am currently seeking new clients for the Devil's Toolbox, and have entertained the idea of looking into an ad agency position. 
Most of the work you are viewing on the Devil's Toolbox is strictly from my freelance jobs. There are a few items from my day job under the print heading. Since most of my freelance work has been web sites and CD packaging I thought I should include some of the print ad design, even if it is from the yellow pages. 
If you have browsed my portfolio, you can see I have a very diverse client roster, I take on new projects based on whether or not I feel I can create the best possible end product for you and your business. 
If you have a project you would like to discuss you can contact me here
Thanks for visiting the Devil's Toolbox, 
Jen McCargar-Charles 

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